Mario Carro

Born in Madrid in 1979, he is a Composer who is developing a brilliant career outside of the pressure of contemporary music themes. The indispensable tools through which he crystallizes his music are great harmonic transparency, an exquisite timbral palette, and a complete symbiosis between traditional and vanguardist elements, all in service of a constant search for beauty. Among his usual sources of inspiration are literature, paintings or the contemplation of nature, but always without forgetting that his motivation when writing is the vital process itself and it self-awareness. His pieces are also characterized by perfect and idiomatic writing that brings the interpreters closer, who in turn, and while following the thin chain of complicity, are able to bring his music to the public. 

He starts his musical studies in the Escuela Municipal de Música de Tres Cantos, continuing them in the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid, where he gets a degree in Piano. During this same period, he studies Composition with Jesús Torres.

During the past years his music has been more and more frequently showcased in concert halls and festivals in Spain and different European and North and South American countries, through the hands of ensembles and soloists such as the Joven Orquesta Nacional de España, Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien, Plural Ensemble, Ensemble Kuraia, Grupo Enigma, Alea III Boston University, Cuarteto Bretón, Dúo Gelòs-Santes, Dúo 11 Abrazos, Mario Prisuelos, Ricardo Descalzo, Adam Levin, Julián Elvira and Celia Alcedo, among others.

This has been aided by the fact that his musical works have won awards in prestigious competitions: “Alea III International Composition Competition” (Boston, 2005), “Labyrinthmaker Plattform” (Wien, 2006), “Concurso Internacional de Composición Musical Universidad de Zaragoza 2008″ and “Premio Internacional de Composición Andrés Gaos” (A Coruna, 2019). He has also been a finalist on “I Muestra de Jóvenes Compositores del CDMC”, Premios Injuve (Málaga, 2005) and “Hui, Hui, Música” (Valencia, 2008).

In 2009 he received the Premio del Colegio de España en París/INAEM, and a monographic concert of his music took place in the French capital.

He has received commissions and grants from La Residencia de Estudiantes, INAEM, Comunidad de Madrid and Fundación Canal. He has recently written a piece under the commission of “53 Semana de música Religiosa de Cuenca”.

In 2017 he received the “Beca Leonardo para Creadores Culturales – Fundación BBVA”. 

He balances his creative work with teaching at the Escuela Municipal de Música de Tres Cantos.